How to choose a tattoo artist?

How to choose a tattoo artist?

POSTED: 1st July 2021.
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Not only the tattoo artist is important to you, but also the tattoo studio. When you enter somewhere, your first impression will determine how the discussion develops. If you’ve only consulted in a message, then how you’re going to feel when the work is being made. That is one of the reasons why I suggest a personal consultation. Unfortunately, clients have reported a lot of bad experiences to me while tattooing. Luckily, I also heard a lot of positive experiences from other studios (there were more positives than negatives) or tattoo artists. It’s also important how clean and hygienic place you find, how much they pay attention to your health, or their own health. It is no coincidence that there are written or unwritten rules that every tattoo studio or tattoo artist must follow. I would note here that you have to follow certain rules in the same way. You also have to be respectful to the studio and the tattoo artist, don’t come by in the studio strait from work, to get a tattoo with an unpleasant body odor, be neat and clean! Unfortunately, there are also undemanding customers.

Last but not least, I also want to talk a little bit about tattoos at home. In general, more than 95% of those who do their business at home do not really meet the requirements needed to do a perfect job. I know a tattoo artist, not one, who works at home in a completely separate environment, in a place designed for a studio. On a large average, however, working in the kitchen, in the corner of the room, or in other unsuitable places, especially from a hygienic point of view, they try to “make art”, which can have a lot of consequences. As they do not have the right knowledge, development, training, education,  preparation for this work, art, the end result or quality will certainly be criticized. At most, this means that an unsightly tattoo will adorn your body. However, the biggest problem may be that you may catch some kind of infection or get an inflammatory lesion that can even have long-term consequences. In a non-professional location, it is not possible to adhere to what is the minimum requirement to expose yourself to the least risk during the procedure. Tattoos actually form an open wound, with the least risk (improperly treated surface, dog, cat hair, or equipments in contact with dirty surfaces, or the worst use of non-sterile devices) increasing the risk. You may have to pay less, or your friend said go there because he is very skillful, but believe me, it is no accident that a tattoo costs more in a professional place. Studios, a lot of money, invest energy to make everything right. Tattoo artists have invested time, money, energy in getting the most beautiful and best work out of their hands. They use the most modern and professional equipments for all this.

To conclude with what I have to say, I don’t have to take the scripture I’ve described here, but it’s worth it if you’ve read it, think about it, and remember a few sentences from what you’ve read.

I wish you a lot of beautiful tattoos and lots of good experiences with this kind of art!