How to choose a tattoo artist?

How to choose a tattoo artist?

POSTED: 11th June 2021.
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Part 1

When a tattoo artist tells us what aspects matter with whom to tattoo, it’s not always about going to just this person because he’s the best and sure he’s going to do the best thing we want in a lifetime to wear on our skin. Have a lot of better tattoo artists all around the world than me, but of course it’s also important to me to create every single tattoos in the best quality, what I can do. It is important to me that what I publish or tattoing for people’s skin matches the highest quality, do the best of my knowledge.

The most important aspect is to look for more artists on the internet who work in around your location. Nowadays, this is not a complicated task as everyone uses at least one social site or has their own website. If we simply type in a Google search, “tattoo studio”, I’m sure hundreds of pages will appear.

Let’s look for the work they’ve done and take a good look at the quality of the tattoos and photos as well. Whoever really gives to your work also gives you how to show it to prospective clients. It’s important to look at the work of different tattoo artists because that way we’ll have an idea of ​​which style is closest to us. Let’s not listen to anyone else, just be influenced by what we want, but that doesn’t mean we don’t ask others for their opinions, especially if there is someone who is experienced and can help us pay attention when we think about making our first tattoo. It also doesn’t hurt if you might have an idea of ​​what you want to tattoo.

Tattoo Art by Robert BB

Once you’ve found someone you can imagine working with, I suggest you ask for a consultation. It can be a simple message exchange too, but like me and me, many people like to talk in person, much more personally. There are several positive sides to this, both of you (the tattoo artist, you as a client) getting to know each other and developing sympathy between the two of you. There are times when one party doesn’t find the other party sympathetic. This is natural, as not everyone in life can be sympathetic (if you don’t feel like you’re going to get along well with that artist, feel free to look for another, believe me you’ll find it, we’re enough), but it’s important that whoever makes your tattoo is suit you in every way. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, find out everything you’re curious about, as it’s also our job to explain what you don’t know about tattoos. Remember, a tattoo is for a lifetime, you can’t take it off if geting bored or don’t like it, is not that same as a painting on the wall! Many times you defenatly do not understand what your chosen tattoo design how will look like on your body, so feel free to ask your tattoo artist.  Ask for a consultation again, clarify everything with that artist and of course be aware of yourself, do you really want this tattoo.

to be continued…